ZuPreem Pure Fun Large Parrot Food



This ZuPreem Pure Fun Enriching Food for Large Parrots is part of the ZuPreem Feed Smart Nutrition Plan;
perfect for ensuring a bird receives all the nutrition they need to stay healthy.
It is a premium blend of seeds, FruitBlend flavour Smart Pellets, vegetables and fruit to provide pet birds pure fun during meal times.

-Made with smart levels of fat and sodium to support cardiovascular and liver health.
-Contains NO sunflower seed.
-Fortified with essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids which other seeds lack.
-Made with whole grains.
-Delicious tastes in engaging shapes and colours.
-Highly recommended by leading avian vets and specialists.

Pure Fun should be fed occasionally and can be fed alongside ZuPreem's other Enriching Variety food, Sensible Seed, to keep a bird active, engaged and happy. It is recommended that these products make up to only 30% of a bird's diet.

60% of a bird's meals should be made up of ZuPreem's Essential Nutrition products - FruitBlend, Natural, NutBlend and VeggieBlend pellets. The remaining 10% with rewarding treats, such as ZuPreem Real Rewards.

Use the resealable bag to ensure the bird's food stays fresh.


Bird Type Macaw, Cockatoo, Amazons
Size Large Pellets
Pack Size 2lb