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Parrot Foraging Toy Hide treats inside and teach your bird to unlock the chamber and reveal hidden delights
A knotted rubber ball filled with hard plastic dummy shaped beads creates this popular Binkies Ball Foot Toy for Parrots .
Gigantic shreddable chunk of Agave (cactus wood) with shaped holes to help your bird get a start!
Toy with sound for budgies includes motion sensor- toy sings when approached or played with
Buffet Party Ball Creative Foraging Toy for Parrots The Buffet Party Ball may be the ultimate avian enrichment product available. The two halves simply twist apart, fill with food, chewable wood, bells, fresh fruit or anything else you can think of
The Foraging Carousel has four separate compartments can use for holding treats, small toys or chewable materials; in fact anything that will tempt your Parrot.
The clear design allows the bird to easily see their reward and the challenge ahead. Unscrew the top of the Push and Pull Parrot Toy and fill the top section with food and treats. Now screw the lid back on and hang in the Parrot's cage using the stainless steel chain and quick link.
Made from tough and durable acrylic with over sized dice at the ends, the Double Dice Acrylic Parrot Foot Toy is designed for more destructive Parrots.
Using this toy at mealtimes instead of a feeding bowl provides pet Parrots with the mental stimulation their mind requires to stay healthy. Attach this toy to the bird's cage at mealtimes for instant foraging fun.
This popular Hanging Puzzle Tower Parrot Toy - offers a fun way to entertain a Parrot. The activity of foraging keeps a bird active, both physically and mentally.
Toy for small and medium parrots such as senegal's, african greys!
Record words and phrases in your own voice helps to teach their bird to talk.
Fantastic toy for the smaller parrots and parakeets!
Do you own  a Large Binkies Ball Foot Toy, you  probably already know that there are lots of small plastic pacifier beads inside them. However sometimes they can get thrown about, a Parrot could chew them up or drop them somewhere their owner can't find them.  Stock one of these replacement packs and they'll have plenty of back - ups and your Parrot's fun can continue for hours to come.
Fantastic parrot ball for medium to large parrots just hang in their cage or play gym and watch them play!
This parrot toy is ideal for african grey to macaw size parrots.

Pet birds and Parrots are intelligent creatures and require lots of mental stimulation. Parrot Toys help to prevent them from getting bored, which could lead to unwanted behaviours, including feather plucking.

Follow the links on the left to see the incredible range of bird toys available. Filter by the type of Parrot or your favourite brand. Many species of Parrots have a natural desire to chew; wood is one of the most popular safe materials used in creating bird toys. However, providing a variety of different materials such as rope, leather, plastic, acrylic and metal and cardboard and paper for your bird to explore and play with enhances their environment.

Parrot Toys come in a wide range of styles and designs and are great for keeping your bird as active as possible. Foraging based toys are ever increasing in popularity as they add an extra dimension to the kind of mental stimulation you can offer. This makes your bird work for the rewards, much more like nature intended!

Parrots love to learn new skills and test their intelligence. Browse the activity and trick toys and give them the mental stimulation they need for a happy life.

For well exercised feet take a look at our popular range of foot toys. They are just the right size for your bird to hold and move around with their feet. Wonderful as instant attention grabbers, especially if you have an important phone call to make.

As mentioned above pet birds and Parrots can get bored easily, and it is a good idea to build up a toy chest, allowing you to rotate toys every few days. This keeps your bird`s cage, play stand or play gym looking fresh and interesting.

For all your Parrot Toy needs Parrotlife  have it covered, and they are all available for fast delivery.