Super Binkies Hanging Wiffle Ball Parrot Toy Macaw Cockatoo African Grey Amazon


Fantastic parrot ball for medium to large parrots just hang in their cage or play gym and watch them play!


Super Binkies Hanging
Wiffle Ball
Ideal for medium large size birds
This Super Binkies Hanging Wiffle Ball Parrot Toy - Large is fastened to a length of metal chain, with a jumbo bead and dummies attached to the top and bottom.

Parrots just love pulling out all the dummies. You can hide extra rewards inside for them to enjoy retrieving too

This dummies comes in a variety of bright colours to appeal to a bird's curious nature. Please note the colours may vary from the image shown.

Plus, the binkies fastened to the chain rattle together as the Parrot plays, making sounds noise loving Parrots adore hearing. 

Use the metal pear link provided to quickly and easily fasten this toy to a bird's cage or play gym stand.


Animal Type Bird
Bird Type Medium to Large Birds
Size 14cm dia
Type Toy