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Recovery Formula For Exotic Pets

Product code: HRF350
Recovery Formula
For Exotic Pets
Complete nutritional support for sick or injured animals
350g bag
Harrison's Bird Foods
For many bird foods, the origins of the ingredients are unknown, pesticides are used in their cultivation and aromas, colourings and flavourings are added. This is not the case for Harrison's Bird Foods. Harrison's organic bird food has been developed by nutritionists and avian veterinarian Greg Harrison. Harrison's Bird Foods are:
Free from pesticides
Free from mould and fungal toxins
Free from artificial colourings and flavourings
Free from preservatives

Harrison's Bird Foods are recommended for the treatment and prevention of various diseases and conditions in birds as a result of eating the wrong food. Birds cannot be selective when given Harrison's Bird Food. With every bite, your bird will receive the best possible nutrition.

Harrison's Recovery Formula
Harrison's Recovery Formula is an easily digestible food for sick and weakened birds, including songbirds and parrots. It can also be used as a hand-rearing food for small insectivores with problems digesting starch, and suitable as nutritional support for birds that refuse to eat, and as part of the treatment for recovering birds switched from a seed diet to a complete food. For diseased birds and birds recovering after surgery, the diet may be administered through a tube.

Please note: Tube feeding should only be administered by caregivers with the necessary level of experience.
Animal Type Birds, Reptiles
Pack Size 350g
Brand Harrisons Bird Food
Product Code HRF350