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Makes a super alternative to chewing on wooden perches. Made with ground seashells and natural minerals this perch also helps to keep the Parrot's beak and nails trimmed.
The uneven shape ensures the bird's feet are well exercised whilst the thick cotton and bell provide the bird with materials to keep their beak busy. Why not attach other toys or materials to the woven strands to create a personalised play time just for their bird?!
This Chewable and Edible Calcium and Bee Pollen Parrot Perch - Large is made with real bee pollen and 100% digestible calcium.
Place in the bird's cage and watch as this edible perch quickly becomes one of their favourite places to hangout. Having fun materials to chew helps a Parrot to keep their beak busy and healthy. Plus, calcium is essential for all birds to help maintain strong bones and a healthy beak. 
Strong suction cups keep the perch firmly secured to tiled and glass type surfaces, making them great for fitting on to windows and mirrors when not being used by the shower. Tough plastic tubing and connectors add to the overall durability and the non-toxic sand coating is designed to provide many years of service, keeping beaks, feet and nails in top condition. The fine rough texture of the sand acts like the bark on trees would in the wild. Wearing the Parrot's nails down to keep them trim. Over grown nails can cause discomfort and difficulty for Parrots when standing or perching. Can be folded away when not in use.
Would like to keep your birds nails in trim just place feed bowls next to perch !
This Wavy Calcium Parrot Perch - not only provides a fun place for birds to perch. It is designed to keep their beak busy and feet well exercised. This chewable and edible perch provides a source of calcium. The textured surface allows for a good grip and the varying diameters exercises the Parrot's feet as they walk across it.
Variety is key here. The parrot’s feet will be gripping a perch for much of the day, so different widths and textures (the rougher the better, including some stone or concrete perching spots) will help keep feet and toes exercised and flexible.