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Perch and Go Acrylic Carrier for Pet Birds and Parrots

Product code: 371302
Transparent travel cage so your Parrot has a clear view of their surroundings, plus you can easily monitor your bird while travelling.
Made using high impact resistant polycarbonate to provide a tough and durable yet lightweight travel carrier the bird can see clearly from, helping to reduce stress. 

The back panel and front door are made from stainless steel and the whole cage easy to clean and disinfect. 

The Perch and Go Acrylic Carrier comes with a textured perch for use inside the carrier. There are a number of holes on the side so your customer can adjust the height of the perch. Another perch fits at the top and can be used as a handle making it easy to carry, plus the Parrot can use this top perch as a stand when needed. 

The Perch and Go Acrylic Carrier is designed to allow for an even air flow, ensuring the carrier is well ventilated during travel.

Height 38cm (15")
Width 25cm (10")
Depth 30cm (12")
Perch Diameter 2cm (0.75")
Polycarbonate, Metal, Plastic

Product Code 371302
Brand Northern Parrots