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SandedShower Perch for Parrots -Medium

Securesonto any smooth surface

Ideal for the following birds

African Grey




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Knownfor their durability, sanded perches have stood the test of Parrots for manyyears and this Sanded Shower Perch for Parrots

Strong suction cups keep the perch firmly secured to tiled and glass typesurfaces, making them great for fitting on to windows and mirrors when notbeing used by the shower.

Tough plastic tubing and connectors add to the overall durability and thenon-toxic sand coating is designed to provide many years of service, keepingbeaks, feet and nails in top condition.

The fine rough texture of the sand acts like the bark on trees would in thewild.

Wearing the Parrot's nails down to keep them trim. Over grown nails cancause discomfort and difficulty for Parrots when standing or perching.

Can be folded away when not in use.

Please note the colour supplied may vary from the image shown.

Height 20cm (8")
Depth 40cm (12.50")
Width 34cm (13")
Diameter 3cm (1")
Sand, Plastic

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