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The benefits of UVA and UVB for your bird are now greatly understood. Specialised retinas enable your bird to see UVA and providing your bird with an avian lamp ensures they are no longer deprived of the full colour spectrum they would naturally see. This in turn means your bird is no longer colour blind - unlock their world and let your bird see it in full colour!
for a healthy treat for birds and parrot You will receive a pack of 6 jellies in different flavours orange honey coconut melon and many more flavours
Parrot Foraging Toy Hide treats inside and teach your bird to unlock the chamber and reveal hidden delights
Makes a super alternative to chewing on wooden perches. Made with ground seashells and natural minerals this perch also helps to keep the Parrot's beak and nails trimmed.
A complete diet such as Beaphar Care+  offers better value as there is very little to no waste created, unlike with seed diets where shells and husk, plus un-favoured food is discarded. Vegetables, fruits and pulse crops are naturally full of vitamins and minerals and all have been used to create these pellets. Plus NO chemical colourings or preservatives have been used in the creation of Beaphar Care+ 
Gigantic shreddable chunk of Agave (cactus wood) with shaped holes to help your bird get a start!
This is a very cute and colourful play stand ideal for love birds, budgies and cockatiels.
Toy with sound for budgies includes motion sensor- toy sings when approached or played with
Buffet Party Ball Creative Foraging Toy for Parrots The Buffet Party Ball may be the ultimate avian enrichment product available. The two halves simply twist apart, fill with food, chewable wood, bells, fresh fruit or anything else you can think of
Attach Cosy Corner Fleece Bird Blanket - to a bird`s cage near a favoured perch is a quick and easy way to provide a place for them to keep warm. Snuggling into a cosy fleece blanket on their favourite perch watching the world go by...sounds like bliss.
The uneven shape ensures the bird's feet are well exercised whilst the thick cotton and bell provide the bird with materials to keep their beak busy. Why not attach other toys or materials to the woven strands to create a personalised play time just for their bird?!
The Foraging Carousel has four separate compartments can use for holding treats, small toys or chewable materials; in fact anything that will tempt your Parrot.
The clear design allows the bird to easily see their reward and the challenge ahead. Unscrew the top of the Push and Pull Parrot Toy and fill the top section with food and treats. Now screw the lid back on and hang in the Parrot's cage using the stainless steel chain and quick link.
This Chewable and Edible Calcium and Bee Pollen Parrot Perch - Large is made with real bee pollen and 100% digestible calcium.
Place in the bird's cage and watch as this edible perch quickly becomes one of their favourite places to hangout. Having fun materials to chew helps a Parrot to keep their beak busy and healthy. Plus, calcium is essential for all birds to help maintain strong bones and a healthy beak. 
This pack contains Easy bird complete supplement 40g Calcivet liquid 30ml Potent brew 30ml
Using this toy at mealtimes instead of a feeding bowl provides pet Parrots with the mental stimulation their mind requires to stay healthy. Attach this toy to the bird's cage at mealtimes for instant foraging fun.
A compete healthy parrot food with natural ingredients. Small pellet - parakeets Medium pellet - African grey size birds Large pellets - Cockatoo and macaw size birds
Idea for small birds where space is premium, easy to clean and great exercise for mind and body!
Record words and phrases in your own voice helps to teach their bird to talk.
Learning to fly well is the most complicated and important task a Parrot can learn. A Parrot will be healthier, more active, fitter and more co-ordinated. Flying helps with everything from self-confidence and self-esteem to sociability and intelligence.​​​​​​​
This useful Parrot Food Mate Acrylic Less Mess Feeder - Small has been designed to reduce the amount of mess created from your bird's seeds. Simply fill the feeder with your Parrot's food and hang it in a place to suit them. The see-through design allows your bird to see and locate their food, and the perch makes it easy and comfortable to access. 
There're hundreds of soft natural jute fibres for a bird to pick at and preen on. Materials a Parrot can preen helps to discourage unwanted feather destructive behaviours.
Strong suction cups keep the perch firmly secured to tiled and glass type surfaces, making them great for fitting on to windows and mirrors when not being used by the shower. Tough plastic tubing and connectors add to the overall durability and the non-toxic sand coating is designed to provide many years of service, keeping beaks, feet and nails in top condition. The fine rough texture of the sand acts like the bark on trees would in the wild. Wearing the Parrot's nails down to keep them trim. Over grown nails can cause discomfort and difficulty for Parrots when standing or perching. Can be folded away when not in use.
At last! A bath your Parrot can actually fit in. Say good bye to filling up the spare washing up bowl and hello to a practical bathing solution.
Transparent travel cage so your Parrot has a clear view of their surroundings, plus you can easily monitor your bird while travelling.
Bath Spray for parakeets will cleanse your your bird and relieve dry and itchy skin while helping to prevent feather plucking and unnecessary moulting
Mist for Cockatoos and Macaws with its fresh vanilla scent This mist will cleanse a bird and relieve dry, itchy skin whilst helping to prevent feather plucking and unnecessary moulting. This product can help rid lice and mites.
Would like to keep your birds nails in trim just place feed bowls next to perch !
Fantastic parrot ball for medium to large parrots just hang in their cage or play gym and watch them play!
ingredients (except safflower - very best quality used) and is 99% edible reducing waste and feeding costs. It also has the added benefit of kelp powder known for its high mineral levels, and contains no more than 10% sunflower seed.
-  is highly palatable and is an easy to use formulation. -  is made with 100% natural active ingredients to control intestinal hygiene whilst being gentle on the gut and digestive system. It can therefore provide active control throughout the year. works by creating an environment designed to stop most intestinal challenges establishing themselves in the animal's gut and digestive system.
This Wavy Calcium Parrot Perch - not only provides a fun place for birds to perch. It is designed to keep their beak busy and feet well exercised. This chewable and edible perch provides a source of calcium. The textured surface allows for a good grip and the varying diameters exercises the Parrot's feet as they walk across it.