MagTUNE Magnesium Horse Supplement


Horses on little or no supplemented feeds like basic chaff or grass nuts will benefit by adding this top quality calmer such as good doers but help the horse/pony work and relax stress free.


MagTune -Natural Calmer

Horse and pony supplement
helps with spooky and stressed horses


Different horses have different requirements for magnesium in their VCAL chelated calcium supplement. This mostly depends on the rest of the diet that you are feeding. PLEASE CONTACT OUR EXPERIENCED ADVISERS IF YOU WOULD LIKE GUIDANCE.

Horses getting plenty of supplemented concentrate feeds, mixes or balancer will already have enough (probably too much) magnesium in their diet, so this pack of "MagTUNE'" should NOT be added to diets like these.

Horses on little or no supplemented feeds. like basic chaff or grass nuts. MAY benefit from adding small quantities of this top quality chelated magnesium to their diet. Simply add the advised number of teaspoons of "MagTUNE"' to the feed on days that you are feeding your VCAL supplement.


Animal Type Horse, Pony