Liberta Parrot Essentials Single Cotton Rope Ring Bird Toy



Single Cotton Rope Ring

The Single Cotton Rope Ring from Liberta Pet Products provides the perfect toy for a wide variety of small sized parrots .

Made form fifteen millimetre soft cotton rope in the shape of a sixteen centimetre ring with a wooden ball and tassel on the end for your birds to play with and enjoy.

This popular bird toy has been designed to provide amusement, which in turn ensures that your bird receives endless hours of fun and enjoyment by helping to stimulate a natural desire and curiosity to play, as well as helping to keep your bird fully occupied in the process.

Colour: Natural.

Dimensions: 40cm x 16cm x 6cm

Species Guide: Small to Medium Parrots.

Composition: Wood, Rope with a Metal Hanger.


Bird Type Small Parrots