Health Care

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There are many things you can do to keep your pet bird healthy such as exercise, interaction (intellectual stimulation), right amount of sleep and a good routine. This category covers areas to help birds who need additional dietary supplements to  gels for feather plucking birds. If you would like advice on which product you may need please contact us.

Here is a range of general health care products and more specific and specialised treatments for your bird. From vitamins and minerals; helping to keep your feathered friend in top condition, to treatments for feather plucking as well as for illnesses.

Keeping your Parrot healthy can be fun too! There are toys made with fun to chew materials, enriched with many naturally occurring minerals; chewing also helps to keep your Parrot's beak clean and in good condition.

Just in case your bird is a bit of a seed junky or is a fussy eater there are many other vitamins and minerals supplements available. With powdered and liquid versions available, you can add them to food or water, whichever you find is the best way to ensure your bird get this essential health boost.

You can never be too sure what`s around the corner, and being organised and prepared is by far the best approach. Keep your birdie medicine cupboard stocked up!

You should seek a vet’s advice immediately if your bird is unwell.