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F10 Odour Eliminator 500ml

Product code: F10OE
Broad spectrum veterinary disinfectant Active against bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores Pine fragrance Completely safe to use in presence of animals Effective and safe general disinfection
Available in: 500 ml bottles with trigger spray F10® Odour Eliminator is a ready to use, diluted F10®SC with added pine fragrance
which can be used as a pre-diluted disinfectant or purely as an odour eliminator by spraying onto a surface, or into the air.
Kills the cause of the odour rather than just masking the smell.
100% safe around all birds F10 Odour Eliminator As a high level disinfectant for hard surfaces and air spaces Slight pine fragrance Ideal for eliminating odours and their cause such as urine.
Can safely be sprayed into the air or on surfaces and fabrics e.g. car upholstery, furniture
Brand F10
Product Code F10OE