Edible Pet Parrot Perch


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Edible Parrot Perch
Made from 100% edible and safe to chew wood and vegetable starch.Â

This unique Edible Birdy Branch - Large is safe and fun for a Parrot to chew on, as they do it helps to keep their beak healthy and trim.Â

The perch is shaped to be comfortable for a parrot to stand and walk on, with variety in diameter to exercises feet and a texture like wood.Â

There are a number of depressions along the branch for your customer to place tasty rewards for their Parrot to find using their natural foraging skills. Parrots happily spend many hours searching for, finding and retrieving their food.

You can quickly and securely attach this perch to their Parrot's cage or play gym stand using the metal fixings providedÂ
Suitable for small to medium size parrotsÂ