Sustainable ecologically grown ingredients formed into pellets for your pet Parrot. Tasty pelleted food made from human grade ingredients, readily accepted by most birds.

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This all natural TOP's Parrot Food - Large Pellets has been manufactured using a cold pressed (not extruded or baked) process, to keep natural enzymes, vitamins and other nutrients at the highest levels possible. This ensures your bird is receiving the finest nutrition.

Rosemary, lemon and orange peel are a few of the natural substances used to carefully preserve the nutrient rich content, keeping it fresh and appetising for your bird. 

You can be sure that you are feeding your bird a truly natural diet, with only the wholesome goodness found in nature being used to create this diet.


Rice, Millet Hulled, Barley, Alfalfa Leaf, [The following ingredients comprise no more than 5% of total volume each.] Sunflower Seed Hulled, Sesame Seeds Unhulled, Quinoa Whole, Buckwheat Hulled, Dandelion Leaf Powder, Carrot Powder, Spinach Leaf Powder, Seaweeds (Purple Dulse & Kelp), Rose Hips Powder, Rose Hips Crushed, Orange Peel Powder, Lemon Peel Powder, Rosemary Whole Leaf, Cayenne Ground, Crushed Red Chilli Peppers, Nettle Leaf.

Contains NO BHA, BHT or ethoxyquin.

NO artificial colours, flavours, vitamins, preservatives or sucrose/sugar.

GMO free.

Does NOT contain any animal products or by-products. 

Feeding Directions

Feed approximately as much as your bird will consume in a day. Some days birds will eat more than others so the amount will fluctuate. Discard the remainder and feed fresh pellets each time. Consult your avian veterinarian if you have any specific diet related concerns. Although an excellent source of protein, vitamins and minerals, we believe that no pellet can provide 100% of a bird`s nutritional needs. Please be sure to feed vegetables, fruits, nuts and some seeds for a varied diet. 

Tip: You can crush the pellets up if your bird prefers a more crumbled pellet. 


Store in a cool, dry place. Refrigeration is not required. Pellets CAN be frozen to extend shelf life. Once opened, please reseal in original bag or similar container. Do not feed old or mouldy food.

GMO Free