Crazy colourful sisal rope Parrot toy, hang it up and watch the fun. Can your bird tame the Sisal Invader Hanging Parrot Toy? At either end is a stack of coloured wooden blocks and leather slices, beyond which lie an assortment of coloured sisal rope for your bird to wrestle with.


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But first they will have to negotiate their way through the leather legs and blocks! Truly adventurous fun for your Parrot!

- African Grey Parrots

- Amazon Parrots

- Caiques

- Cockatoos

- Eclectus Parrots

- Large Conures

- Small Macaws or Mini Macaws

Please remember this information is for size guidance only - you know your bird best!


Length 33cm (13")

Width 30cm (12")

Depth 30cm (12")


Sisal, Wood, Leather, Cotton, Metal