This Nail Trimming Arch Swing Parrot Perch - is ideal for keeping a bird's nails trim whilst they play and swing. As the Parrot walks across the rough surface it trims their nails, just as tree bark would in the wild. The tough acrylic arch is easy to clean, and will not crack, chip or shatter if dropped in the cage, as it is designed to last. A length of knotted cotton rope is attached to the perch for a bird to have fun untying and preening. Use the quick link provided to quickly and securely fasten this perch onto the bird's cage, creating a fun and entertaining swinging perch.

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Height 30cm (12")

Width 22cm (9")

Depth 4cm (1.5")

Length Of Perch 20cm (8")

Diameter Of Perch 3.5cm (1.3")


Acrylic, Wood, Oyster Shell, Cotton, Metal