100% consumable premium daily diet offering exact nutrition in every bite. Kaytee Exact Rainbow Complete Food combines the highest quality ingredients, with necessary nutrients and the experience of nutritional experts to produce an enticing extruded complete food. The variety of colours and shapes, plus fruity flavour ensures your bird's meal times are kept interesting. Each nugget contains exact nutrition ensuring your bird gets exactly the right nutrition they need to produce better feathering, brighter colours and maintain excellent health. Trusted by avian veterinarians, Kaytee Exact Rainbow Complete Food for Parrots & Conures is made with DHA, an omega-3 fatty acid that supports your bird's heart, brain and eyes. Made without shells or hulls your bird can enjoy a diet which is 100% consumable, allowing them to enjoy every bite. This is great news for you too as there is less mess and less waste to clear up.

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Start using Kaytee Exact Rainbow Complete Food for Parrots & Conures today and enrich your bird's life.

Converting to Exact Rainbow

When changing to a new food or diet, some coaxing and a little time is required for the bird to adjust. Although an immediate conversion is possible, It is recommended to slowly introduce Exact into your bird`s diet by mixing it with the ``old`` food as directed below. For best results, limit the quantity of food available to the suggested feeding amount.

Day 1 - 3

1 part Exact - 3 parts current food

Day 4 - 8

2 parts Exact - 2 parts current food

Day 9 - 14

3 parts Exact - 1 part current food

After 14 Days

Feed Exact only - your bird should be completely converted.

Observe your bird closely to insure it is eating Exact and not searching for their ``old`` food.

A change in the colour of droppings (to a brown or reddish-brown) should be evident with successful conversion.