Probably the most advance "sick bird product" for over a decade, Guardian Angel from The Birdcare Company combines unique ingredients that assist the immune system to act quickly and effectively when the bird is invaded by any infections germs.


Size: *
  • 40g
  • 80

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Supported with probiotics, prebiotics, vitamins, yeast extracts and the renowned Birdcare Energy System (like Spark(Energise) and Poly-Aid (Survive)). 


In water: 

20g per litre or 1 level tsp (3g) for 150mls (do not use Aviclens with GA) 

On food: 

Approx 1 gram per kg body weight 

Give 1 pinch for 20 small finches, 7 canaries, 3 budgies, 2 cockatiels. 

Give 2 pinches for 1 Amazon or African Grey. 

Give 4 pinches for 1 Macaw. 

Alternatively give 1 level tsp (3g) for 240 small finches, 84 canaries, 36 budgies, 24 cockatiels, 6 Amazons or Greys or 3 Macaws. 

Clean fresh water must always be available if Guardian Angel is used on the food. If calcium deficiency is suspected also use Calcivet.