Help keep your Parrot warm and feel safe and secure with a place to retreat to. A Happy Snuggle Hut Medium provides your Parrot with a secure and safe place to hideaway in should they want to for a little while. Parrots are prey animals, and it is natural for them to run (well fly) and hide whenever they feel unsafe or threatened. With a Happy Snuggle Hut Medium in their cage, they have somewhere to retreat to whenever they need, helping to reduce stress. Your Parrot's Snuggle Hut Medium comes with two pear links to secure it to the cage bars. There's one opening at the front, so your bird can really snuggle inside to keep warm or out of sight. The floor has been fitted with a solid base; so your bird can feel confident landing at the entrance, and the inside walls are lined with a black fabric to help create a darker feeling space. Please note the colours and fabrics used may vary from the images shown. Not recommended for long-tailed Parrots. During the breeding season, it is advisable to remove your bird's Snuggle Hut Medium for a while, in case it triggers nesting behaviours.


Size: *
  • Small - Budge, Canary
  • Medium - Cockatiel
  • Large - Meyers, Quaker, Senegal

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Size Guide

Small Hut - Dimensions - 

Height 16cm (6.25")

Width 10cm (4")

Depth 18cm (7")

Medium Hut - Dimensions 


Height 23cm (9")

Width 14cm (5.5")

Depth 26cm (10.25")

Large Hut - Dimensions 


Height 23cm (9")

Width 19cm (7.5")

Depth 29cm (11.5")