The handy design means you can have this Folding Travel Cage up and ready for use in a couple of minutes. Plus you can fold it flat again for easy storage when they're not using it. Comes with a wood perch and to stainless steel feeding bowls, that twist into the holders for added security. It has a wide access main door making it easy to get a Parrot in and out of the cage. The tray sits below a wire base to catch any mess a Parrot makes during transit and can be removed to make light work of any cleaning. You can use the practical carry handle supplied to take their Parrot wherever they need to go, perhaps for appointments with the vet or trips out.

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It is finished with a non-toxic powdered paint coating.

- African Grey Parrots

- Amazon Parrots

- Caiques

- Conures - Large

- Conures - Small

- Eclectus Parrots

- Macaws - Small

- Meyer's and Senegal Parrots

- Quakers


Total Height 40cm (15.5")

Depth 51cm (20")

Width 32cm (12.5")

Bar Spacing 20mm (0.75")

Perch Length 33cm (13")

Wire Strength 9-11mm


1 Perch, 2 Feeding Dishes, Pull Out Tray