Improve your bird`s feather condition with this easy to use supplement . Great for birds with poor feather condition, it contains a balance of vitamins and minerals with added protein to improve feather growth and to ensure a quick stress free moult.


Size: *
  • 100g

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Vitamins A, D3, E plus 10 other vitamins. Rapisorb Minerals: Selenium, Iron, Cobalt, Manganese, Copper, Zinc, Magnesium plus Iodine and Sulphur. Limiting Amino Acids, Protein, Glucose Polymers

How to Use

Add to fruit, sprouted seed or soft food daily.

African Greys, Amazons etc - 4 pinches

Macaws - 8 pinches

For larger collections use one teaspoon daily on fruit or egg food for:

20 prs Budgies

10 prs Cockatiels/Rosellas

6 prs Greys/Amazons