Aviclens Concentrated Keeps Water Sparkling Clean Use To Soak Foods Product description Economical and safe way to keep drinking water clean and hygienic. Just a few drops of Aviclens will keep your bird's drinking water sparkling clean and hygienic. It`s ideal for use whilst soaking seed and pulses, and will retard the growth of yeasts, fungi and bacteria. Aviclens works out to be incredibly economical and safe to use every day.


Size: *
  • 250ml

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Active Ingredients

Per litre: Chlorhexidine 10mg/ml


Shake bottle well before use

Add to all water at a rate of 0.5mls per litre or 1/3rd ml per pint or 1 drop to 50-70mls of water

Will retard growth of germs in drinking water and yeasts, fungi and bacteria in soaking seeds and pulses.