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Keeps drinking water sparkling clean.  ​​​​​​​Incredibly economical.Ideal for water drinkers, bird baths and for soaking seed. Safe for all pets
One pack is suffieient to treat one dog up to 15.2kg in weight for roundworms and tapeworms
Antiseptic Skin Care - Soothes tick & insect bits, supports treatment for scaly face in birds, softens rough/chapped skin. Can be used on birds, cats, dogs and small amimals.
Simply fill the barrel shaped chamber up with treats, using the holes at the side of the toy or through the flap at the top, then place it on the floor.
Helping nervous and stressed dogs just mix with their usual food.
Simply added to food on a daily basis, DrS Coat Magic maintains excellent coat condition in cats and dogs.
The ultimate mobility supplement for dogs and cats helping supple joints, ligaments , tendons and muscles.
Broad spectrum veterinary disinfectant Active against bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores Pine fragrance Completely safe to use in presence of animals Effective and safe general disinfection
F10 disinfectant range is widely recognised as the most effective and economical total spectrum disinfectant on the market. F10 is non-corrosive, non-toxic, non-irritating and aldehyde free so has no adverse effects on people, animals, equipment or surfaces.
Some dogs find travelling stressful which raises anxiety levels for both the pet and pet parent. Having your dog close by where it can see you and get a view of the road makes travel a calmer and more enjoyable experience. The Henry Wag Pet Booster Seat provides small pets with an elevated secure riding position to give them a view of the road and to keep them safe. It features a tether clip to secure to your dog's harness.
Simply push some rewards through the holes at the ends and hand over to the dog. They'll have great fun spending their time working at retrieving them.
Looking for the special item for your dog we have a great range which is growing all the time! As new and innovative pet products are developing all of the time, we at Parrotlife only provide excellent products for a great price.