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Cosy Corner Fleece Bird Blanket Hideaway

Product code: 373230
Cosy Corner Fleece Bird Blanket

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The health of any pet is paramount, and with illnesses in pet birds hard to identify during the early stages, it isn't until a bird is visibly ill before some action is taken.

The effects of draughts and cold weather put pressure on a bird`s immune system. Having somewhere warm and cosy in the corner of their cage can really make a difference and help to keep a bird warm during those cold and breezy spells.

Attaching a Cosy Corner - Fleece Bird Blanket - to a bird`s cage near a favoured perch is a quick and easy way to provide a place for them to keep warm. Snuggling into a cosy fleece blanket on their favourite perch watching the world go by...sounds like bliss.

Bird Type Budgies, Canaries, Finch, Quakers
Design Corner Cosy With Ties
Brand Prevue
Product Code 373230