Buffet Ball With Bell Parrot Toy



The all `ringing` Buffet Ball with Bell is taking birdie entertainment to the next level!
Parrots can now enjoy all the wonderful health benefits available through the mental and physical stimulation that a Buffet Ball brings, with the fun of being able to use this toy as a super tough bell!
The ball has been specially designed to be easy for Parrots to grip and hold. Made from polycarbonate it is light enough for Parrots as small as Senegal's and Caique's to use comfortably, yet durable enough for larger Parrots such as Cockatoos and Macaws.

The two halves simply twist apart, so it can be filled with food, chewable wood, more bells, fresh fruit or anything else you can think of. We suggest you  start by using something your parrot will  know and  enjoys, as this will act as a great incentive for their Parrot to start foraging.

Use as a foraging toy, a bell or both! The opportunities to keep a Parrot entertained and active are endless.


Animal Type Bird
Bird Type Senegal, African Grey, Amazon
Design Reusable
Product Code 371273
Brand Paradise