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Birdie Basketball Gym Budge Cockatiel Bird Activity Toy

Product code: 37850
This is a very cute and colourful play stand ideal for love birds, budgies and cockatiels.
Birdie Basketball Play Gym
Practical and portable table top stand.
This handy sized Tabletop Parrot Play stand means your  bird has some where safe to perch, feed and play
great when space is limited and a large play stand is not feasible
As the Parrot spends time climbing, eating, drinking and playing the tray at the bottom helps to limit any mess.

Height 33cm (13")
Width 38cm (15")
Depth 25cm (10")

Animal Type Bird
Bird Type Budgie, Love Bird, Small Conure, Cockatiel
Size 33 x 38 x 25cm
Design Plastic
Product Code 37850
Brand Caitec