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Beaphar Super Premium Pelleted Food

Beaphar Super Premium Pelleted Food

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Beaphar Super Premium Pelleted Food

Super premium complete food made using organic ingredients.

Made from ingredients which are more than 95% organic and cold pressed in to pellets for Parrots to enjoy. The ingredients (over 25 of them) are not heated to ensure they retain the natural nutritional values.

The ` All-in-one' composition means that every pellet is nutritionally the same, providing your customer with peace of mind and assurance that their bird is eating the very best diet. Complete pelleted diets are also a great way to ensure that selective feeding is prevented.
A complete diet such as Beaphar Care+  offers better value as there is very little to no waste created, unlike with seed diets where shells and husk, plus un-favoured food is discarded.
Vegetables, fruits and pulse crops are naturally full of vitamins and minerals and all have been used to create these pellets. Plus NO chemical colourings or preservatives have been used in the creation of Beaphar Care+ 

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