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Barrel Of Fun Parrot Toy

Product code: 37801
Parrot Foraging Toy Hide treats inside and teach your bird to unlock the chamber and reveal hidden delights
Barrel Of Fun
Made from super tough polymer designed to withstand tough chewers, the Barrel of Fun - Entertaining Foraging Toy for Parrots is great for placing fruits, veggies or any treat inside. 

The chamber pushes in and turns to lock. It can easily be hung in or outside of the cage. Once in place your customer can watch as your Parrot's natural instinct take over. 

For an easier skill level, suggest only partially turning the chamber. 
For added foraging fun, several Barrel of Fun toys can be hung around with food (or other rewards) hidden in one or all.
Bird Type African Grey, Amazon, Cockatoo,Macaw
Design Reusable
Brand Natures Instinct
Product Code 37801