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The uneven shape ensures the bird's feet are well exercised whilst the thick cotton and bell provide the bird with materials to keep their beak busy. Why not attach other toys or materials to the woven strands to create a personalised play time just for their bird?!
Learning to fly well is the most complicated and important task a Parrot can learn. A Parrot will be healthier, more active, fitter and more co-ordinated. Flying helps with everything from self-confidence and self-esteem to sociability and intelligence.​​​​​​​
This useful Parrot Food Mate Acrylic Less Mess Feeder - Small has been designed to reduce the amount of mess created from your bird's seeds. Simply fill the feeder with your Parrot's food and hang it in a place to suit them. The see-through design allows your bird to see and locate their food, and the perch makes it easy and comfortable to access. 
At last! A bath your Parrot can actually fit in. Say good bye to filling up the spare washing up bowl and hello to a practical bathing solution.
Transparent travel cage so your Parrot has a clear view of their surroundings, plus you can easily monitor your bird while travelling.
See our great range of bird accessories from specialist feeders to travel bags, all bird safe and fantastic brands.